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Over 1,000 Gift Cards Handed Out To Altura Members


In the week of October 15-19, Altura celebrated its Member Appreciation Days at all 13 branches by offering Members special treats and randomly passing out $5 gift cards. Each branch had a 100 gift cards and handed them out along with a “thank you” card, communicating the branches’ appreciation.

Treats of all sorts were placed on tables within the branch lobbies, available for Members to take and enjoy. The treats varied across branches and included candy, nachos, cookies and other items.

Seth Williams, an Altura Member for 19 years, shared his thoughts about Altura and its celebrations for their Members.

“If I’m banking with you and I feel that you’re taking care of my assets, then you ought to be able to show some type of courtesy to your person or your client,” said Williams.

Williams said that Altura “is very helpful in that way” and that he appreciates the credit union.

In the same week, Altura also gifted 300 Members that were identified as frequent Altura debit or credit card users with a $150 deposit each. Members were notified through email, mail and in-person when they came in to visit.

“Altura is always happy to celebrate our Members and show them that they are constantly our priority to serve,” said Altura CEO, Jennifer Binkley.

“The treats, gift cards and deposits were simple, yet effective ways to display that sentiment.”

Member Appreciation is a tradition at Altura that has been observed for three years now.