Business Visa Debit Card

An Altura Business Visa Debit Card is convenient access to your funds and can be used world-wide anywhere Visa is accepted.

Features include:

  • Works like an ATM Card – Use your Altura Business Visa debit card at an ATM to make deposits or withdrawals, or at a point-of-sale terminal by inputting your PIN (personal identification number).
  • Accepted like a Credit Card – You can use your Altura Business Visa debit card anywhere Visa is accepted. You can sign for your purchase like a credit card, yet the money will still come out of your checking account.
  • Protection from unauthorized expenses –You are protected from unauthorized purchases with a lost or stolen debit card in any signature-based or online transaction.

Every Altura Business checking account comes with a Visa debit card. If you do not have one, please contact Altura Credit Union at 1-888-883-7228 or visit your local Altura branch.


Be sure to protect yourself and your identity. Do not give your Altura Visa debit card number or PIN to any unsolicited requestor, no matter how legitimate it may seem – including e-mail and phone requests. No one needs to know your PIN but you. Stay informed of identity theft scams and know your victim’s rights.

If you are uncertain if a request is legitimate, please contact Altura Credit Union member service at 1-888-883-7228.

Fees may apply if using a non-Co-op ATM, if the merchant charges a fee for debit/credit card use, or if a purchase is made when overdraft protection or courtesy pay is required to pay the item. Per usage fees also apply for exceeding the monthly allowable electronic transactions. PIN-based transactions are not protected from unauthorized purchases. Please protect your personal PIN at all times. See the Business Schedule of Fees for details.