Raising Money Smart Kids

Kids today learn a lot in school. But one skill often overlooked is financial literacy – teaching kids how to manage money, so they can avoid life’s financial pitfalls as adults. Most parents want to teach their kids money skills, but are at a loss on how to begin. This workshop can help!

The Raising a Money-Smart Kid workshop offers tips and tools to teach money management skills. You’ll learn:

  • Why an allowance is a great way to start teaching kids about money
  • How to lay down some rules about their allowance – decide if you want to link it to chores, limit what can be purchased, and if savings are required
  • How to help your child create a “spending plan”
  • How you can teach by example
  • Ways to help your children become savvy consumers
  • How to establish good saving habits and setting long-term as well as short-term goals

Plus, we are serving a free continental breakfast. Seating is limited, so please RSVP today.

Helping Members stay financially fit isn’t just good for us, it’s good for the whole community. It’s one of the reasons Altura fits right in.