Connect for the Cause

What is Connect for the Cause?

This new advocacy website will enable credit union supporters to communicate with legislators at both the state and federal level on key pieces of legislation with a unified message. It will also provide an opportunity for the California Credit Union League to communicate with credit union supporters at all levels—CEOs, board members, branch managers, tellers, and even credit union members—about legislative issues of interest concerning the future of the credit union movement.

How does Connect for the Cause Work?

Log on to the Connect for the Cause website and complete the profile information. This information will identify the elected officials that represent the area in which you live. When it is necessary to support a specific legislative initiative, the League will be able to deploy credit union advocates in a much more targeted and effective fashion. With the simple push of a button, you will be able to take action by sending one of the pre-written messages, or customize it if you’d like. Then send it to your Congressional Representative.

It is targeted grassroots outreach like this that has the greatest impact on legislators and will complement and reinforce the other advocacy tools employed by Altura Credit Union and the League.

When can I sign up?

Sign up today! Protect your credit union! Connect for the cause!

After enrolling, select Federal Center. Then, click on “Take Action on Tax Status” near the bottom of the page. Follow the instructions to send an e-mail or letter to your local congressperson.