Political Action Committee

Altura’s Political Action Committee.


What is Altura Credit Union PAC?

The Altura Credit Union Political Action Committee was formed to assist the credit union to more actively participate in legislative affairs that directly impact the credit union industry.

Who does Altura Credit Union PAC support?

Altura Credit Union PAC is non-partisan. We support individuals and organizations at the national level that support issues and initiatives important to Altura and the credit union industry.   

Why is a Political Action Committee necessary?

The American Bankers Association has established a nationwide campaign designed to attack the tax-exempt status of credit unions. We pay our fair share of state and employment taxes, sales taxes, and are exempt only from federal income tax. This exemption allows all credit unions to compete with banks. If successful, the banking industry could severely limit our ability to provide members with products and services they want and deserve. To effectively combat these attacks and keep our industry viable, we need to maintain constant contact and provide support to our elected officials.

What is the purpose of the Political Action Committee?

Altura Credit Union PAC gives us a voice in the legislative arena and provides us with the ability to influence issues that directly impact our industry. This is made possible by contributions to campaigns of elected officials and candidates that support credit union issues and initiatives.