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Quicken and Microsoft Money

Q: I am having problems using my Quicken or Microsoft Money program. Can you help me?

A: If you are having problems with your Quicken or Microsoft Money program, you will need to contact the support line for your program.

Q: How do I download my account information into Quicken or MS Money?

Downloading to Quicken 2006 and later


  • Open Quicken.
  • Login to your Online Banking account
  • Choose Quicken/Money Download from the menu options on the left.
  • Choose the Share ID and the data range for the account information you’d like to download.
  • Select Quicken WebConnect.
  • Click “Continue”. You may need to minimize your online banking screen to see the account transfer box.
  • Select the appropriate account the information should be imported into – Checking, Savings, Visa, etc. Or, create a new account for the information.
  • Click “Continue”.

Download into Quicken 2005 or earlier, or Microsoft Money

Some important notes:

  • Quicken does not have the option to “reconcile” your account using a downloaded file. The “import” function in Quicken gives you the ability to download new transactions. If you have already entered these transactions, you will double post those transactions and Quicken will give you no warning when this happens.
  • The following instructions should work for both Quicken and other personal finance software packages (such as Microsoft Money). For specific questions on how to import transactions into your software please refer to the respective software vendor.
  • If you are doing this for the first time or want to try this out without changing your existing account data, we suggest creating a temporary test account in Quicken and importing the file there to check the results.


  • Login to your Altura Online Banking account.
  • Choose “Quicken/Money Download” from the menu options on the left.
  • Choose the Share ID and the data range for the account information you’d like to download.
  • Select “QIF” for Quicken downloads, or “OFX” for Microsoft Money downloads.
  • Click “Continue” and choose “Save” from the pop-up box. You should save your file to an easy to find location, such as your desktop.

Importing into Quicken 2005 or earlier

After you have exported your account information, follow these steps to import the QIF file into Quicken:

  • Open Quicken.
  • Back up your data before making changes.
  • Choose the Quicken account that will receive this information.
  • From the Quicken menu, choose File, then File Operations, then Import.
  • Click “find file” to search for the QIF file that you saved earlier.
  • Refer to Quicken’s ‘Help’ for assistance with any other choices.
  • Click “OK”. Quicken will import the transactions.
  • Change the Payee and Categories as needed. Altura cannot store actual payee information for each draft nor do we know how your transactions should be categorized.
  • For additional help with Quicken software, visit www.quicken.com.

Importing into Microsoft Money

After you have exported your Money account information, follow these steps to import the OFX file into Money:

  • Start Money. Money allows you to create accounts during the import process. However, it may be less confusing if you create corresponding accounts in your Money file first. You can create new accounts in Account Manager. NOTE: These new accounts in Money should be created with a starting balance of zero.
  • On the file menu, click “Import”.
  • Locate the disk drive and directory where your exported OFX file is located.
  • Select the exported OFX file. It is important that you import all exported OFX files at the same time so that your transfer transactions import properly. You can delete unwanted accounts later. To select multiple files, hold the CTRL key down while you click on the files.
  • Click “Import”. NOTE: Read each import dialog box carefully. These dialog boxes tell you what information you are importing and where you are assigning the information in Money.
  • In the Select Import Account dialog box, match the specified OFX file with the appropriate account in Money. Click OK. If you have not created an account for this file, you can create one now by clicking Create Account.
  • After the OFX file has been imported. Money confirms the successful import. Click OK.
  • Continue to associate the appropriate import files with the appropriate Money accounts.
  • For additional help with MS Money software, visit www.microsoft.com/money.

There is no monthly fee for Quicken or MS Money Downloads. You must login to online banking to download your account information. Downloading into Quickbooks software is not available at this time. Online banking does not support Quicken 2012.