Q: It is important that you have an upgraded browser for either Internet Explorer or Netscape to use Web Bill Pay.

A: It’s best that you have the an update-to-date version of your browser when accessing Altura’s online services. Below are some links to common browser upgrades:

Q: When I click on Web Bill Pay a box comes up that gives me an Invalid Error message.

A: There may be a translation error between your Altura account information and your web bill pay account. Sometimes this is as simple as eliminating a comma or other symbol from your Altura account information.

Please take note of the exact error message, (i.e. InvalidAddress, InvalidE-mail, InvalidBirthDate, or other) and call the Altura Member Service Department at 1-888-883-7228 and let them know the exact error message.

You may be able to correct this problem yourself by logging into your account and clicking on “My Settings” then select “Change My Address.”

Select the Primary member on the account, and change the information that pertains to the Invalid message you receive. Be sure not to use any characters other than letters or numbers, (no dashes, commas, colons, slashes, etc.)

Try and login to Web Bill Pay again after confirming your changes.

Q: I had to change my Altura account number, but now when I log into Web Bill Pay with my new account number I don’t see any of my payees or bills.

A: If it is necessary that you change your account number for any reason, you can still keep all of the payees and payment information you have already entered into your Web Bill Pay account, as well as redirect existing payments to your new account.

To do so, just call Member Service at 1-888-883-7228 and let them know you need to have the account number changed on your Web Bill Pay account and that all pending payments should be redirected to your new account. This change will typically take affect within 24 business hours.

Q: When I try to enroll I get a “SYSTEM IS UNAVAILABLE” message

A: You must have a checking account with Altura to enroll in Web Bill Pay. Once enrolled, you can add a Money Market account if you’d like. To do this, contact Member Service by calling 1-888-883-7228.