Mobile Banking Tutorial

Mobile Banking FAQ’s

1. Do I have to reinstall Altura’s Mobile Banking App to utilize the upgraded features?

No, however keep in mind that you will need to update the Altura app within your app store to take full advantage of the newly added Mobile Banking features.

2. Is Altura’s Mobile Banking App compatible for both Apple and Android devices?

Yes, Altura’s Mobile Banking App can be installed on both Apple and Android mobile devices.

3. If I am a first time Web Bill Pay user, can I register through Mobile Bill Pay?

No. In order to use Bill Pay through the Altura app, you will need to register and set up all billers through Altura’s Online Banking site.

4. When applying for a loan using the Mobile Loan app, when will I be contacted about the decision?

If you do not hear from us within 2 hours of your application submission (during business hours), please contact the loan department at 951-571-5014 or toll free at 888-883-7228, choose option 7, ext. 5014.

5. When using the Mobile Deposit feature, how long should I keep the check after it is deposited?

Members should retain the physical check for 60 days after utilizing the Mobile Deposit feature. Please be sure to void out the deposited items to avoid re-deposits.

6. Why am I getting an error message when trying to use the Mobile Deposit feature?

Not all Altura Accounts or Shares may be eligible to use this feature. If your account has the capability to use this feature and you keep receiving an error message, please call Altura’s Member Service Center at 888-883-7228.

7. Does the Ask Auto App connect me with an Auto Expert Representative?

No. Ask Auto is an additional feature that will assist you in comparing vehicles when visiting a car dealership. Please note that Ask Auto is an additional app that you will need to download. To contact an Auto Expert Representative call 800-359-4567.