Account Access

With online banking, you can safely conduct many of the transactions on your account that you would normally do in person or over the phone. It also helps you manage your finances so you always know exactly where you are and how much you have.


Benefits include:

  • Check your balances on your Altura savings, checking, loan or Visa balances.
  • View pending transactions. There is a difference between actual balance and available balance. See the transactions you’ve made that have not yet posted to your account.
  • Transfer money between your Altura accounts under the same account number.
  • Transfer money to other Altura accounts under different account numbers. (This is great for parents of kids who have an Altura MyMoney account or college students who have an Altura account. Depending on the accountholder, balances on the other account may or may not be visible).
  • Manage all Altura accounts under one login. With alternate account access you can have multiple account numbers all come together under one login.
  • View cancelled check images.
  • Set up recurring transfers to savings accounts, loans or other accounts. They can be set up as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, annual or semi-annual transfers.
  • Open Share Certificates and Money Markets. You can open your own Altura Share Certificate and Money Market accounts online and fund them immediately.
  • Open and name up to 20 side savings accounts. With Altura side savings accounts you can name them what you want to help organize your savings plan.
  • Open a Holiday savings account. With a an Altura Holiday Savings account you can save all year for your holiday gifts. You can also use recurring transfers to add money to the account as often as you’d like.
  • Access your Investment Portfolio. When you have an account with Altura’s Wealth Management team you can access that account online, monitor your positions and balances, and download tax documents and statements.
  • Access e-statements, e-alerts, Web Bill Pay, Quicken download and more.
  • Catch potential account fraud instantly. People who actively keep tabs on their accounts in online banking are more likely to catch fraudulent activity on their account quickly as opposed to those who wait for their monthly statement.


Be sure to protect your self and your identity. Do not share your online banking password with anyone who is not on your Altura account.

There is no monthly fee for online banking. Member must be either primary or joint on an account to set up alternate account access or to set up cross-account transfer capability. This feature can also be set up with approval of primary member on alternate account.