Online Security

Our Information Systems department continuously maintains and upgrades internal systems to ensure our member accounts are safe and secure, both online and offline.

Your account is protected with two passwords. The first is the password you create that you will need to know for every login. The second is a multi-factor authentication password that you will create to authorize the computer that you are logging in from. Once you create this secondary password and authorize your computer, you will not be asked for this password again on that computer unless you have cleared your Internet cache. If you attempt to login from a different computer, you will be prompted for the password and will have the ability to either authorize or not authorize the computer for future access.

In addition, you will also create a unique phrase for your account. This can be any phrase you choose and it will be displayed upon logging in every time. If you do not see this phrase displayed, you should not login to the account.

Altura’s online account access is also 128-bit encrypted which, in layman’s terms, means it would take 1,000 computers approximately 220,000 years to break in.

Physical access to our secure systems and network components is limited to authorized personnel only. A state-of-the-art firewall provides an even higher level of security for our member’s accounts.

When you log onto your account online, our web site uses “cookies” (tiny notations placed on your computer system) to keep track of your member number and to ensure that your financial transactions are secure and authorized. When you exit home banking, the cookie is removed. This helps ensure that each home banking session is as secure and confidential as possible.

The only time your account information is accessible on the Internet is when you log in to retrieve it. Once you exit Online Account Access your banking information disappears from the web. So, it is impossible for someone to simply hack into our web site for member account information, because they will not find any.

We strongly suggest that you apply the strong password standards for all of your online financial business.

This would mean creating a password that includes a minimum of eight characters total with at least one capital, one lowercase, and one special character or number.

Altura dedicates countless resources to help our members feel secure when banking online. We do so because we know that our current online members appreciate the ease and convenience of online banking. It enables you to monitor your account at any time, day or night and to conduct simple transactions such as money transfers, stop payments, check searching and more.

You can change your password anytime you’d like. For an online demonstration on how to change your password, visit the Account Access demos.