Loan Modification

Life can sometimes take unexpected turns that make it difficult to pay monthly bills. If you’ve lost your job, been through a divorce or suffered illness, and find you are having a hard time making your Altura loan payments, we encourage you to call us for help.

Call Altura Credit Union if you need to modify your loan payments

We can work out the same agreement with you that we can with a Loan Consolidation company. We encourage you to contact us directly before you commit yourself to paying fees to help you manage your debt.

Call us at to 866-571-5099 to discuss your options.

Who can seek loan modification assistance?

If you are experiencing any one of the hardships listed below, we may be able to help you.

  • Unemployment
  • Mandatory pay reduction
  • Underemployment following a previous job loss
  • Death of primary or joint member
  • Decline in business earnings for a self employed borrower
  • Incarceration of the primary or joint member
  • Permanent or short term disability
  • Serious illness of a household member
  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Natural or man-made disaster impacting place of employment or property

Loan Modification Companies

In some cases you may want to work with a Loan Modification company. We do prefer that you work with us directly and save yourself any excessive fees these companies may require. However, if you still prefer to work with an outside company, it is important that you interview 2 to 3 companies before you make a decision. Also, be wary of a company that asks for a lot of money up front.

For more information about Loan Modification with your Altura loans, call us at to 866-571-5099 discuss your options.