Reliance Checking

Altura Credit Union’s Reliance Checking Account is specifically designed for good people who’ve had to deal with bad times; people who have unpaid closures, negative history, problem credit. If you have questions about your history, if you aren’t certain what problems exist in your report, you can contact ChexSystems® and speak with a Consumer Relations Representative. The number is 800-428-9623.

We want to help as many people as possible make their financial lives a lot more convenient. The Reliance Checking Account comes with a Debit Card – one that looks exactly like every other card we issue.

Path to Recovery

Reliance Checking Account
A Reliance Checking Account is where you begin. After six months of positive account activity, and after having paid off any outstanding checking account related debt, you’ll be eligible to move up to a Renew Checking Account.

Renew Checking
This account has no minimum balance requirements. It allows you to write personal checks, and adds ATM deposit access to your options. After six months of positive account activity you’ll become eligible for any checking account.

Your Tools For Recovery:

  • Altura Debit Card-looks exactly like every other debit card we issue.
  • No minimum balance requirement – only $100 to open.
  • One free “Official Bank Check” a month.
  • No transaction fee to reload money; $10 monthly maintenance fee.
  • $100 daily withdrawal limit for ATMs.
  • Daily debit purchases of up to $200 a day.
  • Ability to upgrade to a Renew checking after monies owed to ChexSystems are paid in full after 6 months of positive account activity.

With a Reliance Checking account you also get:

For fees and complete details, view the Schedule of Fees and About Your Credit Union Deposit Accounts by clicking here.