Having a checking account with Altura has its perks. We offer a wide variety of services to help you manage your checking account.

Our Services:

  • Payroll Direct Deposit
    Payroll direct deposit is easy, convenient, safe and gives you instant access to your money.
  • ACH Transaction Setup
  • Overdraft Protection
    Write checks and use your debit card with the confidence that your payment will always be approved.
  • Debit Card
    Get the convenience of a debit card with the comfort of knowing your spending money you have in your Altura checking account.
  • Shared Branching/CO-OP ATMs
  • Check Orders
    Find the perfect check that suits your personality. Order check accessories, labels and more.
  • Official Bank Checks
    Guarantee that your check is good by sending an Official Bank Check.
  • Money Orders
    Purchase the amount you want to pay to guarantee that the payment is good.
  • Wire Transfers
    Wire funds almost anywhere domestically or internationally.
  • Lost or Stolen Checks/Cards
    Contact us immediately if your Altura checks or debit card has been lost or stolen.
  • Courtesy Pay
    Altura Credit Union offers a service called Courtesy Pay to members who have payroll direct deposit (PDD) into their Checking Account.