Official Bank Checks

Altura offers Official Bank Checks to members who need to guarantee that funds are available to cover a payment. When ordering an Official Bank Check, the funds are withdrawn from your account and placed into a “Cashier’s” account to ensure the funds are available when the check is cashed.

An Official Bank Check is similar to a Money Order and is useful for the following reasons:

  • Making large purchases – If you need to make a large purchase (such as a car) and do not want to carry the cash, an Official Bank Check is a safe means of payment. If the check is lost, you can place a stop payment.
  • Guarantee the funds are available – In some cases a merchant may not accept a regular check (such as an apartment rental). An Official Bank Check guarantees that the funds are available and the check will clear.

Official Bank Checks are free with an Honors Checking account or a Wealth Builder checking account.

To purchase an Official Bank Check, please visit your local Altura branch.


Cashier’s checks/Official Bank Checks have become a popular means for theft in recent years. If you receive this type of check in exchange for payment of cash, you must be wary of its source. These checks can look legitimate, yet they are actually a forgery. Stay informed of identity theft scams and know your victim’s rights.

Fees may apply to purchase a cashier’s check, or to stop payment on a cashier’s check. See the Schedule of Fees for details.