Overdraft Protection

Overdraft protection gives you the confidence of knowing you can complete any transaction even if you’re balance is lower than you expected.

Features include:

  • Link to Savings – Link your savings account to your checking account and you can use your savings balance as a backup in case of an overdraft.
  • Link to Altura credit card – Link your Altura Credit Card to your checking account and you can use your credit line as a backup in case of an overdraft.
  • Link to both savings and credit card – You can link to both your savings and credit card so overdraft first draws from your savings account before drawing on your credit line.
  • No payment denials – Feel confident that any ATM or point-of-sale transaction you make will be approved.
  • Avoid NSF fees – Overdraft protection lets you avoid heftier non-sufficient funds or courtesy pay fees.
  • eAlerts – Enroll in Online Banking and you can put your account on auto pilot. eAlerts will send a message to your cell phone or e-mail to let you know when an overdraft protection transfer was made into your account. You can also set low balance alerts to help you avoid overdrafts.

To sign up for overdraft protection, contact Altura Credit Union at 1-888-883-7228 or visit your local Altura branch

There is a fee for overdraft protection. When linked to a credit card, interest on your balance will accrue at your standard interest rate. If a balance is not available in either your savings account or your credit line, the overdraft protection will not occur and your purchase may be denied. See the Schedule of Fees for details.