If you’ve been hesitant to make the complete switch to Altura, we would like to help make this decision easier on you. We have created a simple Switch Kit to help you change your direct deposits, move your automatic payments, transfer your money from your existing financial institution, and close your account.

Follow these steps and download the forms:

Note: Each form can be filled out online, then printed and taken to your local Altura Credit Union branch to be mailed.

Step 1: Join Altura Credit Union

Open your accounts with Altura Credit Union either at your local branch or open an account online.

Step 2: Switch Automatic Transactions

1. Send written notice to your direct deposit vendors (payroll, social security, Certificate of Deposit (CD) interest payments, etc) notifying them of the change in financial institution

2. Send written notice to your vendors with whom you have automatic payment arrangements from your checking (such as utilities, insurance, Internet service provider, banks, car payments, etc) notifying them of account change.

Download and fill out an Automatic Payment Change form.

3. Cancel any future online bill payment transactions and print out payee information for easy reference with Altura Web Bill Pay set-up

Step 3: Close your old accounts

1. Ensure that all checks have cleared on your former checking account and that you leave sufficient funds in your account to cover any automatic payments that may still need to be withdrawn.

2. Ensure that any accounts set up to cover overdrafts have been paid in full so that you will not incur any NSF fees.

3. Send written notice to the financial institution that you are closing the account with.

Download and fill out the Account Closing Request form.

4. Return Switch Kit forms to your nearest Altura Credit Union branch for postage paid mailing.

You can also mail them to:

Altura Credit Union
Central Operations – New Member
PO Box 908
Riverside, CA 92502-0908

A one-time membership fee applies for non-members.