Introducing Instapay - send money to anyone, anywhere, anytime

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We are pleased to introduce instaPay™, a new feature for transferring money that’s simple, instant, and secure. Send funds to nearly anyone in the U.S. using an email address or cell phone number.

Transfer funds to friends and family without the hassle of downloading another app. Simply log in to your online or mobile banking and click on the instaPay™ widget.
Your account information stays protected, you won’t see the other person’s account info, they won’t see yours. Feel secure with a transfer system that offers the same level of security as your online banking account.
instaPay™ offers an instant credit option at no charge! Simply have the other person accept your transfer with their debit card.

How do I use instaPay™?

If you’re an Altura Credit Union Member with a checking and online banking account follow these steps to use instaPay™:

*instaPay™ is only available to Altura Credit Union Members 18 years or older with a personal checking account (business accounts are not eligible).

1. Sign into your online banking account.

2. Click on the instaPay™ widget from your dashboard.

  • If the widget doesn’t appear, click on “Other Widgets." If it’s still not available give member service a call at 888-883-7228.

3. Enter the phone number or email of the recipient, an amount, and your debit card information.

4. Enter your debit cards pin number into the digital pin pad.

  • For added security, the pin pad will scramble after each digit entered.

5. Your job is done! The rest is up to the recipient.

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What If I don’t have an online banking account?

If you’re an Altura Credit Union Member with a checking account, but you don’t have an online banking account: Go to to enroll then follow the steps above.

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*Some Financial Institutions have not made their debit cards eligible for these types of transactions yet. If instant credit is not available, then the recipient can accept using their account and routing number.