Personal Loans

Signature Loan

Loan TypeRateAPR1

1 APR is Annual Percentage Rate

Signature Loan7.99%8.22%

Secured Loan

Loan typeAPR1

1 APR is Annual Percentage Rate

Share Secured3.00% above dividend rate
Certificate Secured3.00% above dividend rate
Credit Builder5.00% above dividend rate

Protect Yourself

Talk to your loan representative about added insurance protection including:

Debt Cancellation Insurance

This policy protects your credit record in the event that you become unemployed, totally disabled and in the event of an untimely death. The insurance will continue to make your monthly loan payment up to the maximum the policy provides.

APR is Annual Percentage Rate. Rates and terms may vary depending on approved loan amount. Best rates may be higher depending on individual credit rating and account history.

Rates do not include a loan processing fee. Rates include a 1/2% discount for direct deposit with automatic payment from an Altura checking account. Rates reflect up to a 72-month loan term. An 84-month loan term is available with a 1.00% loan rate increase and $25,000 as the minimum amount financed.