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All Altura branches will be closed on Monday, October 11 for the Columbus Day holiday.

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Altura partners with Balance to offer our members even more financial resources to build your education when it comes to your fiscal matters.

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Altura understands that you have to start somewhere. Use our Credit Builder options to grow your credit score quickly!

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Take advantage of the free counseling services for our Members. We offer everything from debt and budget to student loan counseling, and more!

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Working at Altura has its perks and benefits. Check out our careers page and join the family today!

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Altura offers scholarships for graduating high schoolers. A $1,000 monetary award is given to selected seniors meeting the scholarship criteria.

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Enriching Lives and Empowering Dreams!

At Altura, we know that no dream is too big and that the quest for higher education is one of life’s greatest journeys. That’s why we are committed to assisting our Members and the communities we serve in achieving their goals, by offering college scholarships to graduating high school seniors in Riverside County. We know that all great journeys take time, and we are committed in being there with you every step of the way.

2020 Altura Scholarship Recipients
Jada Albizures - Altura General Scholarship

Dalton Fledhut - Altura General Scholarship

Christopher Baldwin - Altura General Scholarship

Grace Barnett - Altura General Scholarship

Jaila Moore - Altura General Scholarship

Paulette Barreto - Altura General Scholarship

Kennedey Boyette - The Terry Ferrone Memorial Scholarship

Angel Briceno-Rangel - Altura General Scholarship

Alliyah Fierro - Altura General Scholarship (AVID)

Desiree Castro - Altura General Scholarship - AVID

Gabrielle-Yvonne Agriam - Altura General Scholarship (AVID)

Melanie Chow - Altura General Scholarship

Litzy Cruz - Altura General Scholarship

John Villalobos - Altura General Scholarship (AVID)

Ana Maria Fieraru - Altura General Scholarship

Dominick Gray - Altura General Scholarship (AVID)

Nathaniel Estrella - Altura General Scholarship

Nathan Hall - Altura Member Scholarship

Jade Harrison - Altura General Scholarship

Josue Hernandez - Altura General Scholarship

Lizbeth Luevano - Altura General Scholarship

Melanie Hernandez - The Bonnie Gail Polis Memorial Scholarship

Riley Hunke - The Bonnie Gail Polis Memorial Scholarship

Angelie-Mae Illustrisimo - Altura General Scholarship

Paul Irvine - Altura General Scholarship

Cole Lang - Altura General Scholarship

Aailyah Lopez - Altura General Scholarship

Lisa Luu - Altura General Scholarship

Jennifer Mendieta - Altura General Scholarship

Adrian Claiborne Jr. - Altura General Scholarship

Bernadette Maramis - The Altura Future Leader Scholarship

Lisette Nieto - Altura General Scholarship

Alexis Puente - Dr. Linda Wisher Memorial Scholarship

Carmen Nieves-Velez - Altura General Scholarship

Adriana Olivia - Altura General Scholarship

Alexai Pedraza - Altura General Scholarship

Violet Raven - Altura General Scholarship

Esmeralda Robledo - Altura General Scholarship

Ariana Shah - Altura General Scholarship

Guadalupe Tovar - Altura General Scholarship

Osiel Mendoza - Altura General Scholarship

Claudia Vega - Altura General Scholarship

Enrique Velasco - Altura General Scholarship

Sokuntheari Son - Altura General Scholarship

About Our Scholarships

Each year, over 40 $1,000 scholarships are gifted to local high school seniors. Recipients are chosen from the following funds:

  • The Altura Credit Union Foundation General Scholarship: This scholarship is available to high school seniors graduating from any high school in Riverside County. The General Scholarship specially designates five scholarships for students participating in AVID, and 10 scholarships for students attending University of California, Riverside.
  • Altura Future Leader Scholarship: Altura’s Future Leader Scholarship is personally funded by Altura’s CEO and designed for a graduating high school senior who embodies leadership characteristics and tendencies.
  • The Dr. Linda Wisher Educational Endowment: This endowment is in memory of Dr. Linda Wisher, a former member of Altura’s Board of Directors. Recipients are female student pursuing a career in education.
  • The Bonnie Gail Polis Educational Endowment: This Endowment is in memory of Bonnie Gail Polis and is dedicated to graduating high school senior within the Riverside Unified School District (Arlington, King, North, Poly, Ramona) with the intention of pursuing a degree in public education (i.e. – Teacher, Counselor, Administrator, etc.).
  • The Terry Ferrone Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is in memory of Terry Ferrone and grants funds for a graduating high school senior from John W. North or Poly High School.
  • The Kimberly Jean Flores Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is in memory of Kimberly Jean Flores, a former Canyon Springs High School Student. To apply for this scholarship, you must be a graduating high school senior of Canyon Springs High School in Moreno Valley.


How to Apply for a Scholarship

Click Here to access Altura’s 2021 Scholarship Application. Please note, students are able to apply for several of the above mentioned scholarships using a single application. Questions and request for further information can be directed via email to Altura Cares at: alturacares@alturacu.com. Applications will be accepted through March 19, 2021.



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Driven by the philosophy “people helping people.” We want to give our members an individualized, easy and memorable experience every day.

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