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Altura partners with Balance to offer our members even more financial resources to build your education when it comes to your fiscal matters.

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Altura understands that you have to start somewhere. Use our Credit Builder options to grow your credit score quickly!

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Take advantage of the free counseling services for our Members. We offer everything from debt and budget to student loan counseling, and more!

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Working at Altura has its perks and benefits. Check out our careers page and join the family today!

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Altura offers scholarships for graduating high schoolers. A $1,000 monetary award is given to selected seniors meeting the scholarship criteria.

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Financial Education

Altura is Here to Provide You with All the Financial Knowledge You Need.

One benefit of being an Altura Member is access to all our financial resources. We offer access to certified financial counselors, online courses, educational articles and local branch workshops.

We know that knowledge is power, so why not assist in educating our members to reach their full financial potential. The more that we can help you learn, the easier it will be to make good financial decisions. Altura is here to help in any way we can.

Your Path to Financial Fitness
Starts Here

At Altura CU, we care about your financial wellness. That’s why we’ve partnered with industry-leading BALANCE to provide you with free access to expertly-crafted financial education and resources to help with your fiscal matters. And should you need, BALANCE can assist with confidential, no-cost financial counseling services to help you develop a sensible budget managing spending and debt. For all your financial life stage changes and more, we—in partnership with BALANCE—are here to help.




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Learn Financial Literacy and Earn Real Rewards

At Altura CU, we care about your financial wellness. That’s why we’ve partnered with Zogo, a financial literacy app that pays its users to complete lessons in personal finance.




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