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La Atalaya

Dear Altura Members,

In January 2019 Altura Credit Union purchased the property know as La Atalaya  located at 5800 Hawarden Drive. Headquartered in Riverside since 1957, we were ecstatic to own such a relevant piece of Riverside history. Altura is dedicated to delighting our Members with experiences that will make them fans and by leading initiatives that will support the community and create lasting value. Upon purchasing, our intent was to convert the property from a single-family residence to a private Member and corporate meeting and event space. Nestled against the historic backdrop of what was once the heart of Riverside’s bustling Citrus industry,  La Atalaya would serve as a multi-functional, historical location with space and amenities for Member and community day use, mid-size meeting and conferencing, cross functional shared work-space and Member life events. Altura forged partnerships with well-known historical architects to carefully craft a plan that would emphasize the work of William E. Porter and Arthur Benton.

Unfortunately, some of the best laid plans go awry. As a not-for-profit Member owned Credit Union, we take the funds of our owners, our Members, very seriously. As the cost to provide appropriate renovations rose and the restrictions of operating in a single-family residence zone became apparent, it was clear that our original vision was unfortunately unattainable. It was then that we made the difficult decision to sell the property.

Altura would like to thank the City of Riverside Planning Division and the Cultural Heritage Board for their support and guidance throughout the review of this project. We want nothing more than to see this property flourish and are extremely proud to be part of its rich history, even if it was for a short period of time.

For further questions regarding Altura’s ownership of La Atalaya, please contact Altura’s Director of Corporate Events, Michelle Gardner, at: mgardner@alturacu.com

To inquire about the purchase of La Atalaya, please contact Agent Brad Alewine of Compass Realty at: brad.alewine@brad-alewine.com

Thank you!

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