Online Services

Mobile Banking

  • Finger Print and Face Identifier log In
  • Mobile Deposit
  • View account, loan and credit card balances
  • Transfer funds. Now you can transfer funds to any Altura account
  • Make loan and credit card payments
  • View check images
  • Locate nearest CO-OP ATM
  • Contact Member Service

The Mobile Banking Application is available on the following devices:

Account transfers and payments can only be made within the same account user is logged into. There is no fee for Mobile Banking. Data usage fees from your phone provider may apply.

Online Banking
Check your balances on your Altura savings, checking, loan or credit card balances
* Personalize the look of your background*
* Choose which widgets you’d like to see on your dashboard*
View pending transactions. There is a difference between actual balance and available balance. See the transactions you’ve made that have not yet posted to your account.
Transfer money between your Altura accounts under the same account number.
Transfer money to other Altura accounts under different account numbers. (This is great for parents of kids who have an Altura MyMoney account or college students who have an Altura account. Depending on the account holder, balances on the other account may or may not be visible).
Manage all Altura accounts under one login. With alternate account access you can have multiple account numbers all come together under one login.
View cancelled check images
Set up recurring transfers to savings accounts, loans or other accounts. They can be set up as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, annual or semi-annual transfers.
* Set savings goals
Name up to 20 side savings accounts. With Altura side savings accounts you can name them what you want to help organize your savings plan.
* Access your Investment Portfolio.* When you have an account with Altura’s Wealth Management team you can access that account online, monitor your positions and balances, and download tax documents and statements.
Access e-statements, e-alerts, Web Bill Pay, Quicken download and more.
Catch potential account fraud instantly. People who actively keep tabs on their accounts in online banking are more likely to catch fraudulent activity on their account quickly as opposed to those who wait for their monthly statement.