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Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is an electronic payment service. You can wire funds to anywhere in the United States as well and to many other places around the world.

Altura Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers Explained

When you’re trying to make a payment to someone across the country or around the globe, a wire transfer is the easiest, safest way to do it. You can also receive global incoming wires into your account.


When You Should Make a Wire Transfer

Wire transfers aren’t just for paying businesses. They are an easy way to send funds to family members who are overseas or even send money to your kids while they’re away at college. Wire transfers are so much safer than mailing checks or cash. If you send money in the mail, you end up worrying about it getting lost or even stolen before it reaches its destination. Mailing money can also take a long time – especially if you’re sending it overseas.

Wire transfers are fast, simple, and safe. Because they’re done electronically, the money arrives to the recipient quickly and can’t get lost or stolen. Whether you’re the one receiving the funds or it’s someone else, sometimes you just can’t afford to wait to receive the money you need. Wire transfers eliminate waiting and stress. 


How to Get Started

If someone wants to wire money to you, they will need your routing number.

Altura’s routing number is 322281235.

To send a wire, visit any of our Altura branches.

Click here for a wire transfer form.


How Long Does a Wire Transfer Take?

The amount of time it takes to complete a wire transfer will depend on where you are transferring the money. Usually, your recipient should receive their money within 24 hours if they are also located in the United States. International transfers take more time, but it’s still a fast way to transfer funds. You should not have to wait longer than 5 days for your money to transfer.

Is a Wire Transfer the Same Thing as ACH Transfer?

A wire transfer is different from an ACH transfer. With a traditional ACH transfer, the funds are coming from an automated clearing house (ACH). If you use a wire transfer, however, you’re cutting out the middleman. The money comes out of one account and goes straight to the other.

What Information is Needed for a Wire Transfer?

Make sure you have all the right information before you make your wire transfer. You will need the following:

  • The recipient’s bank account number
  • The routing number of the financial institution you’re sending the money to
  • The name and address of the recipient
  • The name, address, and phone number of the financial institution you’re sending the money to

If someone wants to send a wire transfer to you, make sure they have your appropriate information as well.

Altura’s routing number is 322281235.

Disclaimer Information

Fees apply for both incoming and outgoing wire services. Same day wires must be processed before 1:00 p.m. PST. See the Schedule of Fees for details.

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