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Forget generic plastic, go wild! Nicknames, teams, or just a sprinkle of you – personalize your Altura cards with a second line and make them truly yours.
Second Line on Debit and Credit Cards - Altura Credit Union

Six decades of unwavering service, six decades of dreams realized. Altura’s legacy is etched throughout Riverside County.

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Building stronger futures, brick by brick and lesson by lesson, Altura fuels community through volunteerism.

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Boost your savings, boost your luck! Altura rewards $1,500 to two lucky savers every quarter – could you be next?

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Credit Unions are financial cooperatives because they are owned by their members. Each member has an ownership share in the credit union.

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What is the Difference Between an IRA and a 401k?

A 401(k) and IRA have different maximum contributions as well as different tax benefits. However, the most significant difference between the two is that a 401(k) is a type of employer-sponsored retirement account. If your employer offers a 401(k) retirement plan, your contributions to this account will be deducted from your paycheck. Your employer will also contribute to the account.

An IRA, on the other, is more self-driven. You don’t need to have an employer sponsoring this type of account to set one up. You set up the account yourself and decide when to withdraw funds. If you do have an employer, your contributions will still be deducted from your paycheck. Your employer also has the option to contribute to the account.