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You can customize your debit or credit cards with a second line. Have a favorite nickname, sports team or just something fun you want to include?
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Altura Credit Union was first opened back in 1957 and has grown to span all across Riverside County.

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We volunteer our time, whether it’s fundraising for Habitat for Humanity or helping local teachers makeover their classrooms, we always want to be involved!

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Altura rewards two lucky members every quarter with a cash prize of $1,500. All you have to do is start saving!

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Credit Unions cannot be bought or sold because they are owned by their members. Members are part owners because they have a stake in the company.

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How Much Can I Afford On a Mortgage?

How much can I afford on a mortgage?

When first considering purchasing a home, one of your first and perhaps most difficult questions may be “how much can I afford on a mortgage?” The answer to this question is really a calculation of several factors.

  • Household income
  • Monthly debts (loans, credit card debt, etc.)
  • Savings

What is the Debt-To-Income Ratio?

Also known as the DTI, your debt-to-income ratio is a comparison of your gross (pre-tax) monthly income and your monthly expenses.

It is calculated by:

  • First, adding up your bills, which can include:
  • Current rent or current mortgage
  • Loan payments
  • Credit card
  • Other items owed: other debt, child support, etc.
  • Second, take the total from the first step and divide it by your before-tax-income.
  • Third, whatever your calculation is, you’ll need to put that in the from of a percentage.

What does this mean for my mortgage:

While your credit score could get you qualified at a higher ratio, your mortgage and related costs (taxes and insurance) shouldn’t be higher than 28%.

Calculate how much you can afford

Our simple, easy-to-use mortgage calculator can tell you how much you can afford on a mortgage!

Mortgage Calculator

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