In observance of Juneteenth, Altura’s branches and offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th.
Online Banking, the mobile app, and our ATMs will be available for your convenience. Thank you.

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Forget generic plastic, go wild! Nicknames, teams, or just a sprinkle of you – personalize your Altura cards with a second line and make them truly yours.
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Six decades of unwavering service, six decades of dreams realized. Altura’s legacy is etched throughout Riverside County.

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Building stronger futures, brick by brick and lesson by lesson, Altura fuels community through volunteerism.

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Boost your savings, boost your luck! Altura rewards $1,500 to two lucky savers every quarter – could you be next?

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Credit Unions are financial cooperatives because they are owned by their members. Each member has an ownership share in the credit union.

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Getting Back to Normal

On May 8th, it was announced that California would begin moving to Stage 2 of the state lockdown. According to, “This means in addition to essential activity, curbside retail is allowed, along with the infrastructure to support it. As of May 12, offices, limited services, and outdoor museums are also permitted to open.”

As we near these less restrictive phases, here are some tips on how to get back to some normalcy as a community:

  • Develop your “new normal” routine – with some added options for going out and running errands, it may be a good idea to buffer what you’re doing now with those so that you can remain stimulated and refreshed.
  • Shop local as much as you can – With small businesses being some of the hardest hit in this time, it’s a great idea that if you’re itching to get out, to support them as much as possible.
  • Talk about things other than “quarantine” – It’s going to be hard but if you’re out and about (social distancing of course) or back at work, try to talk about other things than the quarantine. It’ll help get your mind focused on other priorities and remind you that you still have a life beyond all this.
  • Further any new passions – Perhaps you took this time to do something you’ve always wanted to do or to learn something entirely new. Well now might be a good time to share them with others, whether through social media or when you’re doing your essential activities. Started painting? Hang up some art at the office. Learning a new language? Maybe there is someone at work you can speak it with.
  • Buy some new clothes – It’s okay to admit it, while at home we aren’t exactly looking our best. We let our hair grow, we don’t do our nails and we might have worn the same outfits. To help break the monotony and to feel our best, perhaps we need to look our best.
  • Help others having a hard time – As we all work together to get back to some normalcy, we need to realize that it may be harder for others. Whether it’s group chats, zoom calls or speaking safely in-person during essential activities, we all can help one another in ways that benefit on a mental, spiritual and social level.

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