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Money Orders

A money order is a convenient payment method similar to an official bank check. When you pay with one, you are guaranteeing that you have the funds for a payment.

Money Orders from Altura

What is a Money Order?

You can pay with a money order just like you would with a check. The big difference is that they are always prepaid. When you use a money order as payment, whoever you’re paying knows that you’re good for the amount.

Money Orders:

  • Funds come straight out of your Altura Credit Union account
  • Issued up to $1,000
  • Does not require the name of a payee

When to Use Money Orders

A money order is useful in instances when using cash or a personal check aren’t accepted for payment.  Here are some examples where money orders are the best payment method:

  • You need to send a payment more securely
  • You need to pay rent or utilities
  • You’re mailing money to a relative

If you have a Wealth Builder account with Altura, you qualify for complimentary money orders. To purchase a money order, visit your local Altura branch.


Where Can I Get a Money Order? Is There a Fee to Purchase a Money Order?

If you are an Altura Member, you can purchase a money order by visiting local Altura branch. If you have a Wealth Builder account with Altura, you qualify for complimentary money orders. Otherwise, there is a $3 fee to purchase a Money Order for Altura Members. See the Schedule of Fees for details.

How do you cash in a money order? (How to Deposit a Money Order)

To deposit a money order, you can cash it or deposit it like a check. To do this, make sure you endorse the back of the check with your signature. If you don’t need the cash right away, it is smart to deposit it into an account for safekeeping. You can deposit money orders online via the Altura mobile app on either Android or iPhone phones.

Can I Purchase Multiple Money Orders to Cover One Larger Purchase?

Yes. If one money order does not cover the entire cost for your desired purchase, you can buy multiple money orders (you will have to pay the fee for each money order purchased). See the Schedule of Fees for details.

Disclaimer Information

Fees may apply to purchase a Money Order.See the Schedule of Fees for details.

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