In observance of Juneteenth, Altura’s branches and offices will be closed on Wednesday, June 19th.
Online Banking, the mobile app, and our ATMs will be available for your convenience. Thank you.

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Forget generic plastic, go wild! Nicknames, teams, or just a sprinkle of you – personalize your Altura cards with a second line and make them truly yours.
Second Line on Debit and Credit Cards - Altura Credit Union

Six decades of unwavering service, six decades of dreams realized. Altura’s legacy is etched throughout Riverside County.

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Building stronger futures, brick by brick and lesson by lesson, Altura fuels community through volunteerism.

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Boost your savings, boost your luck! Altura rewards $1,500 to two lucky savers every quarter – could you be next?

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Credit Unions are financial cooperatives because they are owned by their members. Each member has an ownership share in the credit union.

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What is the Difference Between Courtesy Pay and Overdraft Protection? Is There a Courtesy Pay Fee?

Both of these services help protect you from NSF. However, the source of money is different. With courtesy pay, you are essentially paying for a transaction based on future funds. This service is only available to Members who have payroll direct deposit set up with their accounts. The credit union covers a cost because even though you don’t have the funds right now, they know you will have a direct deposit soon. To use Courtesy Pay, you will have to pay a fee. This fee is only applied when Altura needs to help you cover a transaction associated with your account. Learn more about courtesy pay.

On the other hand, overdraft protection comes from your savings account or credit card. When you don’t quite have enough in your checking account to cover a transaction, overdraft protection kicks in. There is a fee for overdraft protection. Learn more about overdraft protection.