Lost or Stolen Checks/Cards

As soon as you discover that your checkbook or Altura debit card has been lost or stolen is the time that you need to contact us to protect your account and your identity.

Here are some steps you may need to take to protect yourself:

  • Lost/Stolen Checks – Contact Altura member service at 1-888-883-7228 and have them place a stop payment on the check numbers that are missing.
  • Lost/Stolen Altura cards – Whether you have lost your Altura debit or Credit card, contact us at the following number:
    • During normal business hours – 1-888-883-7228, select option 4
    • After normal business hours – 1-888-883-7228, select option 2 or call 866-213-3225
  • Closing/Reopen Account – In some cases you may opt to close your account completely to ensure that theft does not occur. In the event of lost or stolen checks, Altura highly recommends that you do close your account and reopen a new account. If you do so, you will want to be aware of the following:
    • If you have outstanding checks, you will need to decide if you want to leave the funds to clear them, or if you want to write new checks on your new account. If you choose to write new checks, your existing checks will be returned as “account closed.”
    • If you have any loans (such as Auto or Home Equity), they will stay on your old account number. If you’d like to maintain access to these loans in online banking, please request that you have access to them.
    • If you use Web Bill Pay and have outstanding payments, please request that your Web Bill Pay account be moved to your new account number. All pending payments will be moved to your new checking account as well.

For more information about lost or stolen checks or cards, please call Member Service at 1-888-883-7228 or visit your local Altura branch.


Learn more about keeping your identity safe and know your victim’s rights.

Fees may apply for stop payment services. See the Schedule of Fees for details.